Workout March 30

Yay! I’m finally back at lifting once again I really hope. Have been struggling with severe pain in my foot since last Thursday due to my condition and me pushing myself a bit too far. Was walking 20 000 steps last Thursday and the next day I could not walk on my left foot, I’m not used to having the same pain for as long I have had it so I was actually starting to think that maybe I should go see my doctor but luckily it’s much better now! 

I did get to workout on Monday but then my pain started coming back so I decided to take some days off working out, even though when I think about it I only took a day off since I’m now only working out every other day. 

Even though I don’t like so much these pain attacks, the cats have really been enjoying it since all I have been doing I feel is just laying on the couch and then they can steal my lap. 

Today’s workout:

Squats 37.5kg.

Bench press 25kg.

Barbell row 25kg.

I almost failed at bench press during my two last sets, it felt so heavy. 

Squats was also very heavy on my shoulders, I have no idea what has happened since when I last time was at this program I didn’t even feel that 50kg was heavy on my shoulders, I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just that I have got some bigger muscles there. 

Barbell row did actually feel good, didn’t feel like I was lifting more than 5 kgs. 

I like colors on my plates. 

I’m hoping that next week I will be getting colors on my bench press too 🙃 but for today I ended up with these black plates. 


Where did the day go

Today I feel has gone by so quickly at least compared to yesterday where I felt the day was never ending. 

Woke up early by these lovely munchkins at my door around 7 so had to get up and open the bedroom door which led to me being all awake. Then I was playing some games until 9 and had my breakfast so I could work out around 10. And after that I have no clue how the hours ran so quickly. Though I must admit that I was just sleeping for two hours since I felt so fatigued after the work out session. I’m glad that I do get to fall asleep, usually I struggle with it but not today apparently 😂 

Today’s workout was:

Squat at 32kgs.

Bench press 22.5kg.

Barbell row 22.5kg.

It did really feel like a heavy work out so I thought it was a lot higher number that it was, but that’s how lifting is – some days it feels lighter than it really is and the other way of course. 

From today’s squat. 

Hope you have a lovely Monday. 

Sunshine in my eyes

Oh my, spring is really coming along now. On Saturday we went for a walk, took first the bus to the city and like 10 minutes from the bus stop we could enjoy lovely sight and a really warm sun in the woods which we haven’t had too much of this year. 

Luckily we went in early so we ended up stopping at a place where it was awesome to sit for about a half hour before we got restless. Sat there talking and just enjoying everyone who walked past us and could feel the sun warming us. 

Then when we started walking again I was sure we were going to be blown up in the air as it was so windful. So it went from feeling like it was 20 degrees Celsius to around 2-3c. But I’m glad that we got the lovely trip and hoping that there will be many more in the coming weeks. 

Another workout monday 

I’m so happy that I have completed this week’s first workout. Just so satisfying to see and feel how the workout is treating my body. I can see that my thigh and legs are getting more defined, which is just so awesome! They are still huge but when my weight drops some more I’m going to look fantastic since I already have a good starting point with muscles. I’m so looking forward to the day I get to bulk, more food here I come! So, girls if you do want to look more lean – please step away from the hour long treadmill sessions every day and go to the weightroom and lift those heavy weights one after one. 

Today I also had a little workout buddy with me that was really craving my attention. 

She likes it when I go outside since she doesn’t have to go through the cat door to get out, she’s just a sneaky one! 
But I did end up lifting something today too. 

Soon back at 40kg deadlift, did struggle with the grip a bit today but hopefully it’s all good on Friday. 

Over head press today was totally ⬇ but I was expecting it since I’m on my max on it now so my highest number was 3 x 22.5kg,really hope the fractional plates are coming soon so that I don’t have to increase so much every time. 

I do feel I’m getting better contact with my butt so I feel my squat is getting better though I’m not getting into ass to the grass position unfortunately. But some day I will! 

Monday workout

So, last week I workout inside the house and I ended up wanting to work out in the garage today so I did that! 

I started stronglifts 5×5,well at first I tried starting strength but I didnt like the app so much so ended up with my usual program. I do like stronglifts a lot but I get scared when I’m lifting a bit much so then I usually end up switching to another program. So I will see how long I will be doing this. 

Today I did 25kgs back squat, 20kgs overhead press (it was very heavy today) and 35kg deadlift. It’s a good start I reckon and really hope the snow is gone for the spring now and that the warmth is coming back. It’s a bit though to hold the bar when it’s 0 degrees outside. 

And later today we are getting more weights! Wohoo, so I don’t need to increase my squats with 2.5kg each time since bought fractional plates, two 25kgs, resistance band so that I hopefully can start with chins and some really nice dumbbells. 

The heaviest weight today:

Had a pretty nice weekend 

First on early morning Saturday we took the ferry over to Denmark to buy some meat and other food related things since it’s much better price there than it is in Norway, here you gotta pay almost the double to get that high quality food and the tickets are basically free this month so are already planning next trip! 

Had to get up at 6 am but for once it was totally worth it and I didn’t get so exhausted like I usually do when we go there for a day. Though this time we took the ferry there and straight back after an hour in Denmark. 

We left from this nice sun to not sunny at all and when we came back it was the same weather as we had in Denmark unfortunately but there will come more sunny days I hope. 

Then Sunday we were going to ruin some portals for a green ingress player since we thought he might have a guardian there. It wasn’t sunny then either but we had a lovely walk and had fun, brought a smoothie incase we got hungry and three hours later we were home again. Best way to spend our Sunday. 

A few pictures from our trip

10 March workout

Wohoo! I’m done for the week as I have had 3 workouts this week. I’m very pleased that I was able to complete this week without any particular much pain,but I didnt do push-ups and Arnold press only one arm – I do wish I could have done these properly but sometimes you just have to listen to your body’s signal. 

Today’s workout 

  • Bicepscurl 
  • Plank (two sets) 
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Flyes 
  • Woodchopper with resistance band
  • Sit ups on exercise ball.

This week I did all these exercises with the 8×3 regime except the Plank. I like 8×3 much better than 5×5 but next week I will be switching to 5×5 in this program. Probably will have two more weeks on this, since I do hope I can take the training in the garage after that – I don’t really feel like I get so much out of lifting this small amount of weights. And in the garage we already have a rack with almost 200kg weights so I have a long way to go there – when I workout in the house I only use 6kgs dumbbells and a 8 kg Kettle Bell. 

The steps are also going well! I have now been able to reach my goal of 5000 steps two days in a row, though yesterday I ended up at 10 000 which I love because I usually have a bit trouble getting that high so I cannot complain. 

Here’s a picture of my workout setup from today 

March 8 workout

I have done a bit more out of working out today as I’m pretty ready to shred most of my body fat away. 

I have set myself a goal to hit – 10kgs to the summer, I’m hoping this is doable as I already have got a diet plan from dietitian. Kinda already down one of them 10, so it’s a start at least! 

Today’s workout

  • Bench dip or couch dip. 
  • Bent over row with dumbbell. 
  • Sumo deadlift. 
  • Triceps press. 
  • Kickback with dumbbell. 
  • Seated rowing with resistance band. 
  • Side lateral raises. 

Like Monday I had side lateral raise but this time I was bending my back. My favorite today must be bent over row, just love working those arms. 

After I had this workout I figured out I should recharge my fitbit charge 2,so I did that and walked today’s goal just to see if some extra burned calories will help me losing that extra weight. Must say I walked those steps inside because it’s snowing outside and already slippery under the new snow so I don’t take any risk at going out now –  so it was many rounds back and forth, but totally worth it to get back to using fitbit again. Will see if I start next week at taking these steps outside if the snow is gone then. 

Some pictures from today ;

March 6 workout

I had a pretty awesome workout today. 

Have never been able to go all down during my squats but today I tried once first without the weight then continuing with the Kettle Bell and I did it. I’m so happy I could do it, thinking of doing some sessions with just assistant to the grass squat with body weight so that my muscles gets to build itself up since after my second set with goblet squat, I was not able to complete last set because I was already sore! 

Today’s training :

  • Goblet squat. 
  • Shoulderpress. 
  • 1 leg romanian deadlift. 
  • Hip thrust ❤️
  • Arnoldpress. 
  • Side lateral raise. 

Hip thrust is probably my most favorite exercise. The one legged romanian deadlift is something I enjoy doing because my balance isn’t the greatest but it’s a lot better than the first time I tried it and fell forward or sideways all the time. 

I wish I would get more out of my workout as in muscles but since I’m in the process of losing a lot of weight I cannot eat in surplus but I do hope I get to in maybe a year or two, luckily I can see now that I’m finally losing. 

My weights that I use 3 times a week for now

We have a setup in the garage but I refuse to work there in the winter since it’s not insulated so when it’s – 5 degrees outside then its the same in the garage so it’s a bit comfortable to work out in my living room with 20 degrees.