Where did the day go

Today I feel has gone by so quickly at least compared to yesterday where I felt the day was never ending. 

Woke up early by these lovely munchkins at my door around 7 so had to get up and open the bedroom door which led to me being all awake. Then I was playing some games until 9 and had my breakfast so I could work out around 10. And after that I have no clue how the hours ran so quickly. Though I must admit that I was just sleeping for two hours since I felt so fatigued after the work out session. I’m glad that I do get to fall asleep, usually I struggle with it but not today apparently 😂 

Today’s workout was:

Squat at 32kgs.

Bench press 22.5kg.

Barbell row 22.5kg.

It did really feel like a heavy work out so I thought it was a lot higher number that it was, but that’s how lifting is – some days it feels lighter than it really is and the other way of course. 

From today’s squat. 

Hope you have a lovely Monday. 


One thought on “Where did the day go

  1. Great job girl! Feel free to check my blog or Instagram out for workout inspo and just connecting about weight lifting in general. I have like no friends or connections with people who love to lift like I do!! 💪🏽


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