1st week of birch pollen

Luckily it’s one week done of the pollen I react most on. It’s so hard to just sit inside and not being able to go outside. And especially when it’s sunny and you just think about all the things you would want to do. But good thing it’s raining today so that feeling isn’t there for once in a week. 

Strangest thing is that I don’t feel so ill as I have the last three years, but it’s probably since the spread of the pollen has only been low. But hopefully it’s getting more during next week so we can be done with it for this year. 

But today is the day I have walked /done the most since last weekend since it’s my boyfriends birthday I have needed to do a lot of cleaning plus baking a pie. Never made a pie in my life, but it smells lovely so I think I succeeded. 

So gonna enjoy this plus lasagna tonight with my better half , can’t get better than that! Hope you all have a great weekend. 


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