One day in Denmark 

Last Saturday we went to our favorite country to spend a few hours there – it’s so cheap with the boat over and this time we actually got the trip for free. So first took the boat over to Hirtshals and then train to Aalborg. It’s a big city for me who comes from a really small town and just love to see what’s out in the world. BUT, and it’s a big but they didn’t have ice cream for me – it was impossible to find a ice cream bar so we ended up buying some ice cream on stick. But next time I will have one, maybe not the same city but I NEED ice cream. 

I was about to cancel the trip but I didnt want to do that to my boyfriend so I took a chance and luckily it went my way which means not so much pain just strange jumping pain here and there. 

That pizza I will have more times! It was just so good, but I actually ended up not eating it all since I was still full after the ice cream. 


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