Monday and Tuesday workout

I am now on week 6 of transform level 2, I have been switching and trying other things out but I always end up with the app so this is my to go to program I feel.
Been a while since I was able to stick to something for a long time, except from Transform as you might have guessed. I love the variation that you dont do the same exercises week after week – but if I would say I miss something that would be that you cant enter your weight on the exercises to find out your 1RM but you never know what the future will hold 🙂

Monday workout

  • First 25 minutes with Mighty minutes(1 min high and 1 minute low intensity)  I choose the wrong week on the app so I was supposed to do Nasty ninties which is 90 sec low/high.
  • Superset: barbell row and Bodyweight row at 8×4 set @20kg and none kg.
  • Tried on chin ups but I dont have the strength to drag myself up yet (It will come!)
  • Superset: Underhand grip barbell row and ezbar bicep curls 10 x 3 sets @ 20kg and 8kg.
  • Superset: Superman and sit ups 15 x 3 sets and 6,7,6 with situps.


Tuesday workout

  • 20 minutes with nasty nineties.
  • Superset: Airsquats and Wide grip Romanian deadlift  8 x 4 set @ 14.5kg for deadlift.
  • Superset: Barbell squats and weighted forward lunges 10 x 3 sets @ 10kg and 4 kg
  • Giant set: Weighted step ups, banded side walks and rollins 15 x 3 for the two first and 5,6,7 rollins @4 kg for step ups and light band for side walks.


I so absolute have a love/hate relationship with super sets and giant sets, its alot harder than normal sets but its also worth it in the end. Today my fitbit ended up at 700 calories burnt just for 60 minutes.


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