No workout today

Today I woke up 7 am and it was way too early for me so I am being hit by true fatigue today.

I feel I haven’t done anything today, just watched hours after hours with TV show, but now I’m actually sitting outside in our garden in this beautiful weather in the middle of September. Who would have guessed that it would actually be warm enough to enjoy the sun this late. There’s no indication that it’s fall either – it feels just like another summer day 🙂

As you might understand I’m still not used to this warmth. I used to live in the far north of this country and there you are hardly having any sun in the summer. It’s just a cold cold place which I often refer to the northpole when talking about it.

Wish you all a hot ‘summer’ day and hope you will have a lovely weekend.


One day in Denmark 

Last Saturday we went to our favorite country to spend a few hours there – it’s so cheap with the boat over and this time we actually got the trip for free. So first took the boat over to Hirtshals and then train to Aalborg. It’s a big city for me who comes from a really small town and just love to see what’s out in the world. BUT, and it’s a big but they didn’t have ice cream for me – it was impossible to find a ice cream bar so we ended up buying some ice cream on stick. But next time I will have one, maybe not the same city but I NEED ice cream. 

I was about to cancel the trip but I didnt want to do that to my boyfriend so I took a chance and luckily it went my way which means not so much pain just strange jumping pain here and there. 

That pizza I will have more times! It was just so good, but I actually ended up not eating it all since I was still full after the ice cream. 

3rd week of birch pollen

This week that is almost gone, has really been tough. I have been so restless and all I wanted to do was going outside. So Friday evening I just had to break my strike,that day the spread of pollen had started to be a bit less so I reckoned I would just go for it. And it went fine really, was a bit exhausting in the end but to think that I haven’t been so active these past week it wasn’t so bad. 

Have also been walking on my new treadmill 5 days for 30-45 mins, well okay that’s not completely true. Was only able to do 10 mins on Monday and Tuesday. It was easier to walk when I put on a TV show. I felt the time just ran away! So now my fit bit says that I have been active 6 days as I was outside yesterday too. Hoping to get another day complete today too 🙂 

But tomorrow I will be restarting my app Transform with Chris and Heidi. Only going to use it for the workout schedule but it’s still worth the money as I have used far more money on personal online trainers before. Anyway I’m not going to push me completely, maybe I will not even be able to do the whole workout but then I will just do the rest the next day. Hopefully the pollen will be gone next week so I can enjoy the summer. 

My new workout buddy. This was the longest walk this week on it. 

Week two of birch pollen

I feel this week hasn’t been challenging at all except from sleep. Only needed to sleep one time this week during the day and then I slept for 2 hours! But other than that my sleeping has been crap, go to bed around 9 in the evening and don’t fall asleep before 1-2 it’s a few hours just wasting on trying to sleep. Today I’m really feeling the effect little sleep has on me, my eyes and my head hurts. I think I got around 5 hours sleep since I woke up at 7,will probably doze off on the couch later. 

Anyway, back to my week! I’m impressed by how much I have been able to do. I have baked 50 carrot buns, had to go to the store to pick up a shorts I had ordered which was too small eek, washed the bathroom today and even take out and in of the dishwasher! And walked here and there in my house so you can say I have walked more than 300 steps each day which is absolutely lovely. 

And on Monday I get my treadmill! Wohoo! So might try to walk some on it if I am feeling good. The pollen will get to extreme this weekend so not good to know how my body will react to that. But looking forward to being more active, would be lovely if my fit bit counts the steps I do on it then I can up my steps some more. 

Have a lovely weekend. Sending a picture of the outside world too. The tree looks like snow!