May 15 workout

Oh how happy I am today, finally able to do some exercises so I guess this week will be full of soreness! I just enjoyed it so much today. But I did have to skip one exercise today as I was feeling way too sore just after the second exercise. So no stability ball roll-ins today,but that’s alright! I also did 10 mins intervals straight after the weight session and it was hard but it’s just going to get better the more I do it πŸ™‚ 

The pollen spread is at low today, and that’s probably why I have been able to work out today. So from now on I’m ready to really enjoy the summer. 

Did you workout today? How did it go? Took a picture from my messy garage. 


3rd week of birch pollen

This week that is almost gone, has really been tough. I have been so restless and all I wanted to do was going outside. So Friday evening I just had to break my strike,that day the spread of pollen had started to be a bit less so I reckoned I would just go for it. And it went fine really, was a bit exhausting in the end but to think that I haven’t been so active these past week it wasn’t so bad. 

Have also been walking on my new treadmill 5 days for 30-45 mins, well okay that’s not completely true. Was only able to do 10 mins on Monday and Tuesday. It was easier to walk when I put on a TV show. I felt the time just ran away! So now my fit bit says that I have been active 6 days as I was outside yesterday too. Hoping to get another day complete today too πŸ™‚ 

But tomorrow I will be restarting my app Transform with Chris and Heidi. Only going to use it for the workout schedule but it’s still worth the money as I have used far more money on personal online trainers before. Anyway I’m not going to push me completely, maybe I will not even be able to do the whole workout but then I will just do the rest the next day. Hopefully the pollen will be gone next week so I can enjoy the summer. 

My new workout buddy. This was the longest walk this week on it. 

Week two of birch pollen

I feel this week hasn’t been challenging at all except from sleep. Only needed to sleep one time this week during the day and then I slept for 2 hours! But other than that my sleeping has been crap, go to bed around 9 in the evening and don’t fall asleep before 1-2 it’s a few hours just wasting on trying to sleep. Today I’m really feeling the effect little sleep has on me, my eyes and my head hurts. I think I got around 5 hours sleep since I woke up at 7,will probably doze off on the couch later. 

Anyway, back to my week! I’m impressed by how much I have been able to do. I have baked 50 carrot buns, had to go to the store to pick up a shorts I had ordered which was too small eek, washed the bathroom today and even take out and in of the dishwasher! And walked here and there in my house so you can say I have walked more than 300 steps each day which is absolutely lovely. 

And on Monday I get my treadmill! Wohoo! So might try to walk some on it if I am feeling good. The pollen will get to extreme this weekend so not good to know how my body will react to that. But looking forward to being more active, would be lovely if my fit bit counts the steps I do on it then I can up my steps some more. 

Have a lovely weekend. Sending a picture of the outside world too. The tree looks like snow! 

1st week of birch pollen

Luckily it’s one week done of the pollen I react most on. It’s so hard to just sit inside and not being able to go outside. And especially when it’s sunny and you just think about all the things you would want to do. But good thing it’s raining today so that feeling isn’t there for once in a week. 

Strangest thing is that I don’t feel so ill as I have the last three years, but it’s probably since the spread of the pollen has only been low. But hopefully it’s getting more during next week so we can be done with it for this year. 

But today is the day I have walked /done the most since last weekend since it’s my boyfriends birthday I have needed to do a lot of cleaning plus baking a pie. Never made a pie in my life, but it smells lovely so I think I succeeded. 

So gonna enjoy this plus lasagna tonight with my better half , can’t get better than that! Hope you all have a great weekend. 

Last workout of april

Been some time since I have posted now. 

I did end up stopping with stronglifts because the Powell squad (Chris and Heidi powell) did come out with a app which is so much better for at least than stronglifts ever was. And I’m noticing after two weeks with it that I have been increasing my muscle growth already. Well, I did start first for a week on their weight loss program but then I missed lifting those metals so I choose the physique program. And I can’t say enough how much I can feel that my body needs this. 

The first week on the program I could barely walk for the entire week because the exercises I had done was targeting muscles I hadn’t used in a while. 

I think the best thing that could happen to me and many others was that they came out with this app. 

Monday workout with 2 sets each exercise 

  • Weighted step ups 15 x 8 kg Kettle Bell. 
  • Weighted back lunges 15 x 5kg dumbbell. 
  • Walking lunges no extra weight 15 reps
  • Barbell forward lunges 15 x10kg
  • Roll ins on stability ball 15 reps. 
  • Calf raises 15×2

Wednesday :

  • Dumbell incline Press 6.2kg
  • Underhand grip bodyweight row
  • Barbell shoulder press   10 kg
  • Bent over row 6.2kg
  • Dumbbell preacher curls 6.2kg 6 and 7 reps. 
  • Dumbbell skull crushers 8 and 6 x 5kg
  • Ball crunches 15 x2. 

The preacher curls and skull crushers was so tough that I failed to do more reps. Will get better at these eventually – may have to lower the weight next time. 

Friday :

  • Barbell squat 15 x 10 kg and 15 x 12.5kg. 
  • Wide romanian deadlift 15x10kg and 15×12.5kg.
  • Plie squat with Kettle Bell 15×8 Kg 2 sets. 
  • One legged romanian deadlift 15×6.2 two sets. 
  • Calf raises 15×2

I think there were supposed to be one more exercise but the app wouldn’t show it so I couldn’t really guess what is was. 

But if you also want to check out their app, it’s called Transform with Chris and Heidi. 

This was my last workout for April since the birch pollen has started to blossom so I need to stay inside for probably 3-4 weeks and I’m already on day 4 so trying to stay calm and hope these days will go by quickly so I can enter the garage again:) 

Workout March 30

Yay! I’m finally back at lifting once again I really hope. Have been struggling with severe pain in my foot since last Thursday due to my condition and me pushing myself a bit too far. Was walking 20 000 steps last Thursday and the next day I could not walk on my left foot, I’m not used to having the same pain for as long I have had it so I was actually starting to think that maybe I should go see my doctor but luckily it’s much better now! 

I did get to workout on Monday but then my pain started coming back so I decided to take some days off working out, even though when I think about it I only took a day off since I’m now only working out every other day. 

Even though I don’t like so much these pain attacks, the cats have really been enjoying it since all I have been doing I feel is just laying on the couch and then they can steal my lap. 

Today’s workout:

Squats 37.5kg.

Bench press 25kg.

Barbell row 25kg.

I almost failed at bench press during my two last sets, it felt so heavy. 

Squats was also very heavy on my shoulders, I have no idea what has happened since when I last time was at this program I didn’t even feel that 50kg was heavy on my shoulders, I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just that I have got some bigger muscles there. 

Barbell row did actually feel good, didn’t feel like I was lifting more than 5 kgs. 

I like colors on my plates. 

I’m hoping that next week I will be getting colors on my bench press too πŸ™ƒ but for today I ended up with these black plates. 

Where did the day go

Today I feel has gone by so quickly at least compared to yesterday where I felt the day was never ending. 

Woke up early by these lovely munchkins at my door around 7 so had to get up and open the bedroom door which led to me being all awake. Then I was playing some games until 9 and had my breakfast so I could work out around 10. And after that I have no clue how the hours ran so quickly. Though I must admit that I was just sleeping for two hours since I felt so fatigued after the work out session. I’m glad that I do get to fall asleep, usually I struggle with it but not today apparently πŸ˜‚ 

Today’s workout was:

Squat at 32kgs.

Bench press 22.5kg.

Barbell row 22.5kg.

It did really feel like a heavy work out so I thought it was a lot higher number that it was, but that’s how lifting is – some days it feels lighter than it really is and the other way of course. 

From today’s squat. 

Hope you have a lovely Monday. 

Sunshine in my eyes

Oh my, spring is really coming along now. On Saturday we went for a walk, took first the bus to the city and like 10 minutes from the bus stop we could enjoy lovely sight and a really warm sun in the woods which we haven’t had too much of this year. 

Luckily we went in early so we ended up stopping at a place where it was awesome to sit for about a half hour before we got restless. Sat there talking and just enjoying everyone who walked past us and could feel the sun warming us. 

Then when we started walking again I was sure we were going to be blown up in the air as it was so windful. So it went from feeling like it was 20 degrees Celsius to around 2-3c. But I’m glad that we got the lovely trip and hoping that there will be many more in the coming weeks. 

Another workout mondayΒ 

I’m so happy that I have completed this week’s first workout. Just so satisfying to see and feel how the workout is treating my body. I can see that my thigh and legs are getting more defined, which is just so awesome! They are still huge but when my weight drops some more I’m going to look fantastic since I already have a good starting point with muscles. I’m so looking forward to the day I get to bulk, more food here I come! So, girls if you do want to look more lean – please step away from the hour long treadmill sessions every day and go to the weightroom and lift those heavy weights one after one. 

Today I also had a little workout buddy with me that was really craving my attention. 

She likes it when I go outside since she doesn’t have to go through the cat door to get out, she’s just a sneaky one! 
But I did end up lifting something today too. 

Soon back at 40kg deadlift, did struggle with the grip a bit today but hopefully it’s all good on Friday. 

Over head press today was totally ⬇ but I was expecting it since I’m on my max on it now so my highest number was 3 x 22.5kg,really hope the fractional plates are coming soon so that I don’t have to increase so much every time. 

I do feel I’m getting better contact with my butt so I feel my squat is getting better though I’m not getting into ass to the grass position unfortunately. But some day I will! 

Monday workout

So, last week I workout inside the house and I ended up wanting to work out in the garage today so I did that! 

I started stronglifts 5×5,well at first I tried starting strength but I didnt like the app so much so ended up with my usual program. I do like stronglifts a lot but I get scared when I’m lifting a bit much so then I usually end up switching to another program. So I will see how long I will be doing this. 

Today I did 25kgs back squat, 20kgs overhead press (it was very heavy today) and 35kg deadlift. It’s a good start I reckon and really hope the snow is gone for the spring now and that the warmth is coming back. It’s a bit though to hold the bar when it’s 0 degrees outside. 

And later today we are getting more weights! Wohoo, so I don’t need to increase my squats with 2.5kg each time since bought fractional plates, two 25kgs, resistance band so that I hopefully can start with chins and some really nice dumbbells. 

The heaviest weight today: