May 31 workout

Yesterday I had another upper body workout which was pretty tough, as of during it I felt I was getting a sore throat and mayor headache. And it’s still going, so I’m not sure if I will be able to do my workout tomorrow. I’m not doing the cardio today to hopefully let my body heal up. 

Seated shoulder press 12, 12,12x5kg.

Body weight row 12, 12,12x10kg.

Wide grip upright row 12,12,12x10kg. 

Bench dip 12,10,6.

Lateral delt raise 7, 8,6×6.2kg.

Barbell rows 12,12,12x10kg.

Sit-ups 8,6,3.

Plank 40 sec, 29 sec. 

Super set shoulder press and body weight row. And another super set with wide grip upright row and bench dip. 

Giant set of Lateral delt raise, barbell rows and sit-ups. 

The wide grip upright row was the toughest exercise, can be since it was my first time doing it so was not completely sure about the technique but did my best and completed it even though my last reps was so tricky getting done. As of my last set I could barely pick up the bar. 

But I do love that I have got so far that I’m having super and giant sets. It’s so much fun! 


10 March workout

Wohoo! I’m done for the week as I have had 3 workouts this week. I’m very pleased that I was able to complete this week without any particular much pain,but I didnt do push-ups and Arnold press only one arm – I do wish I could have done these properly but sometimes you just have to listen to your body’s signal. 

Today’s workout 

  • Bicepscurl 
  • Plank (two sets) 
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Flyes 
  • Woodchopper with resistance band
  • Sit ups on exercise ball.

This week I did all these exercises with the 8×3 regime except the Plank. I like 8×3 much better than 5×5 but next week I will be switching to 5×5 in this program. Probably will have two more weeks on this, since I do hope I can take the training in the garage after that – I don’t really feel like I get so much out of lifting this small amount of weights. And in the garage we already have a rack with almost 200kg weights so I have a long way to go there – when I workout in the house I only use 6kgs dumbbells and a 8 kg Kettle Bell. 

The steps are also going well! I have now been able to reach my goal of 5000 steps two days in a row, though yesterday I ended up at 10 000 which I love because I usually have a bit trouble getting that high so I cannot complain. 

Here’s a picture of my workout setup from today