Monday and Tuesday workout

I am now on week 6 of transform level 2, I have been switching and trying other things out but I always end up with the app so this is my to go to program I feel.
Been a while since I was able to stick to something for a long time, except from Transform as you might have guessed. I love the variation that you dont do the same exercises week after week – but if I would say I miss something that would be that you cant enter your weight on the exercises to find out your 1RM but you never know what the future will hold 🙂

Monday workout

  • First 25 minutes with Mighty minutes(1 min high and 1 minute low intensity)  I choose the wrong week on the app so I was supposed to do Nasty ninties which is 90 sec low/high.
  • Superset: barbell row and Bodyweight row at 8×4 set @20kg and none kg.
  • Tried on chin ups but I dont have the strength to drag myself up yet (It will come!)
  • Superset: Underhand grip barbell row and ezbar bicep curls 10 x 3 sets @ 20kg and 8kg.
  • Superset: Superman and sit ups 15 x 3 sets and 6,7,6 with situps.


Tuesday workout

  • 20 minutes with nasty nineties.
  • Superset: Airsquats and Wide grip Romanian deadlift  8 x 4 set @ 14.5kg for deadlift.
  • Superset: Barbell squats and weighted forward lunges 10 x 3 sets @ 10kg and 4 kg
  • Giant set: Weighted step ups, banded side walks and rollins 15 x 3 for the two first and 5,6,7 rollins @4 kg for step ups and light band for side walks.


I so absolute have a love/hate relationship with super sets and giant sets, its alot harder than normal sets but its also worth it in the end. Today my fitbit ended up at 700 calories burnt just for 60 minutes.


May 31 workout

Yesterday I had another upper body workout which was pretty tough, as of during it I felt I was getting a sore throat and mayor headache. And it’s still going, so I’m not sure if I will be able to do my workout tomorrow. I’m not doing the cardio today to hopefully let my body heal up. 

Seated shoulder press 12, 12,12x5kg.

Body weight row 12, 12,12x10kg.

Wide grip upright row 12,12,12x10kg. 

Bench dip 12,10,6.

Lateral delt raise 7, 8,6×6.2kg.

Barbell rows 12,12,12x10kg.

Sit-ups 8,6,3.

Plank 40 sec, 29 sec. 

Super set shoulder press and body weight row. And another super set with wide grip upright row and bench dip. 

Giant set of Lateral delt raise, barbell rows and sit-ups. 

The wide grip upright row was the toughest exercise, can be since it was my first time doing it so was not completely sure about the technique but did my best and completed it even though my last reps was so tricky getting done. As of my last set I could barely pick up the bar. 

But I do love that I have got so far that I’m having super and giant sets. It’s so much fun! 

May 29th workout

Yesterday’s workout was pretty awesome, I was doing it in my living room as last week I was fighting with a wasp and more bugs just to get to my dumbbells, so for now I will be doing my workouts in living room if needed or the spare room if I got room for the exercises. But it’s going to get heated this summer that’s for sure. And I’m not sure how I am going to be able to do all the exercises since some doesn’t give me alternates which I can do at home but I will survive if I have to skip one exercise – it’s not really the end of the world. 

Hope you all are having a good start on the week. 

May 19th workout 

I’m so glad it’s Friday, can’t wait until this week is over. Been such a negative week for me training wise and with strong pain. So by now it does sound like I will have another couch weekend so I probably will need to find another game on my ps4 so the weekend goes faster. Any suggestions? 

I’m finding my pain a bit strange as I was able to do plie squats without any pain but not barbell squat and back lunges. And it’s only the right foot from my ankle and up to my knee. We did go for a walk yesterday too, but had to give up after half way from what we were supposed to walk since I got some nerve pain that didn’t want to let go after walking a bit downhill on asphalt. 

The side walk with minibands was so intense, it hurt so much when I had the band around my sore knees so I wasn’t able to finish my last set as I wanted. The one exercise I was satisfied with today was romanian deadlift, but then again I’m 90% always satisfied with it as I know my technique isn’t bad and I just love the exercise. And this week the cardio has not been there at all either, just completed it once this week. 

But I know one thing, next week I’m going to be fit for fight! 

May 15 workout

Oh how happy I am today, finally able to do some exercises so I guess this week will be full of soreness! I just enjoyed it so much today. But I did have to skip one exercise today as I was feeling way too sore just after the second exercise. So no stability ball roll-ins today,but that’s alright! I also did 10 mins intervals straight after the weight session and it was hard but it’s just going to get better the more I do it 🙂 

The pollen spread is at low today, and that’s probably why I have been able to work out today. So from now on I’m ready to really enjoy the summer. 

Did you workout today? How did it go? Took a picture from my messy garage. 

Workout March 30

Yay! I’m finally back at lifting once again I really hope. Have been struggling with severe pain in my foot since last Thursday due to my condition and me pushing myself a bit too far. Was walking 20 000 steps last Thursday and the next day I could not walk on my left foot, I’m not used to having the same pain for as long I have had it so I was actually starting to think that maybe I should go see my doctor but luckily it’s much better now! 

I did get to workout on Monday but then my pain started coming back so I decided to take some days off working out, even though when I think about it I only took a day off since I’m now only working out every other day. 

Even though I don’t like so much these pain attacks, the cats have really been enjoying it since all I have been doing I feel is just laying on the couch and then they can steal my lap. 

Today’s workout:

Squats 37.5kg.

Bench press 25kg.

Barbell row 25kg.

I almost failed at bench press during my two last sets, it felt so heavy. 

Squats was also very heavy on my shoulders, I have no idea what has happened since when I last time was at this program I didn’t even feel that 50kg was heavy on my shoulders, I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just that I have got some bigger muscles there. 

Barbell row did actually feel good, didn’t feel like I was lifting more than 5 kgs. 

I like colors on my plates. 

I’m hoping that next week I will be getting colors on my bench press too 🙃 but for today I ended up with these black plates. 

Monday workout

So, last week I workout inside the house and I ended up wanting to work out in the garage today so I did that! 

I started stronglifts 5×5,well at first I tried starting strength but I didnt like the app so much so ended up with my usual program. I do like stronglifts a lot but I get scared when I’m lifting a bit much so then I usually end up switching to another program. So I will see how long I will be doing this. 

Today I did 25kgs back squat, 20kgs overhead press (it was very heavy today) and 35kg deadlift. It’s a good start I reckon and really hope the snow is gone for the spring now and that the warmth is coming back. It’s a bit though to hold the bar when it’s 0 degrees outside. 

And later today we are getting more weights! Wohoo, so I don’t need to increase my squats with 2.5kg each time since bought fractional plates, two 25kgs, resistance band so that I hopefully can start with chins and some really nice dumbbells. 

The heaviest weight today: