Oh hello there

It’s been a few weeks now, I have been sick and haven’t really had energy to write – didn’t even have energy to put on facial mask but now I’m back! (I just had a facial mask done too)

I’m actually just sitting out in the sun and enjoying the sunburn! I need to get some color on my arms and legs before we travel north so I can say I got some color this summer. 

I’m still doing Chris and Heidi’s transform app, I was tempted to follow the diet plan so I did for two days but it was way too hard to follow since we don’t use cups and ounces over here and I needed my Smoothie! 

I have also advanced into the program so I am working out 4 days a week and just in a month I will be up at 5 days then my body will really be working 🙂 this week I have only done the cardio once as some muscles over my knee is really bugging me so every time I go for high intensity it hurts and being me I am always too afraid to continue since I’m used to having pain for days and sometimes weeks after I have pushed myself through the pain. 

Mondays workout:

Bent over row with dumbbell 8x5kg for two sets and 8×7.5kg for two sets. Bodyweight row 8×4 sets. 

Crossbench dumbbell  pullovers 10×3 set 5kg. One arm dumbbell row 10x5kg 3 set. These exercises were done as superset. 

Supermans 15x4set. 

Normal Plank 45 sec x3. 
Tuesday workout:

Bodyweight zig zag lunges 8×4.      Weighted stepups 8x4kg 4 set superset.

Romanian deadlift 10x10kg 3 sets.            Air squats 10 x3 sets supersets. 

Stepups 15x4kg 3 sets.                                        Rollins on ball 3,4,4. Superset 

Calf raise 15×3 sets. 
Wednesday workout:

Barbell behind neck press 8x10kg 4 set.        Barbell shoulder press 8x10kg 4 set. As Superset. 

Dumbbell Lateral delt raise 10x4kg 3 set.      Dumbbell front raise 10x4kg.

Bent over rear delt fly 5,7,10x4kg.                  Wide grip upright row 15x10kg 3 set as superset. 

Weighted crunches 15x4kg 3 sets. 

The dumbbell front raise was way too heavy so I was only able to complete a set even though I wanted to complete that and delt raise as superset but it was impossible unfortunately today. 

What are you training today? 


10 March workout

Wohoo! I’m done for the week as I have had 3 workouts this week. I’m very pleased that I was able to complete this week without any particular much pain,but I didnt do push-ups and Arnold press only one arm – I do wish I could have done these properly but sometimes you just have to listen to your body’s signal. 

Today’s workout 

  • Bicepscurl 
  • Plank (two sets) 
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Flyes 
  • Woodchopper with resistance band
  • Sit ups on exercise ball.

This week I did all these exercises with the 8×3 regime except the Plank. I like 8×3 much better than 5×5 but next week I will be switching to 5×5 in this program. Probably will have two more weeks on this, since I do hope I can take the training in the garage after that – I don’t really feel like I get so much out of lifting this small amount of weights. And in the garage we already have a rack with almost 200kg weights so I have a long way to go there – when I workout in the house I only use 6kgs dumbbells and a 8 kg Kettle Bell. 

The steps are also going well! I have now been able to reach my goal of 5000 steps two days in a row, though yesterday I ended up at 10 000 which I love because I usually have a bit trouble getting that high so I cannot complain. 

Here’s a picture of my workout setup from today