Hello you on the other side of the screen!

I have been wanting to post workout posts many weeks now, but I dont know. I always end up not doing them and feel its ‘too late’ to post after the weekend has past. So I guess I gotta make them during the week! I always have the thought in my mind that I can post when the weekend comes, but then I get lazy or time just flies and suddenly its monday again.

Over the last few weeks I have started my workout week on sundays since I am doing 5 of them and want to finish before friday, it has actually been going good and I am now on my 3rd week with 5 workouts – who could have imagined?! I certainty would not! I know how my body reacts, and this isnt normal for it. But after I started going for a walk every day, it seems to be going better with my joints not hurting as much – and I guess thats an overall victory – because it does seem like as long as I am not hurting my fatigue is almost where it should be (only in the evenings) but we will see as the winter is still young.

So now as the half week is over I will post it here

Sunday workout – legs

A1 Barbell back squat 15 x 3 @ 10 kg
B1 Banded hip thrust 15 x 3 @ 10 kg
C1 Alternating back lunges 15 x 10
D1  Zig zag walking lunges 15 x 3
D2 Banded squat walks 15 x 3 @ light resistance band
D3 Calf raise 15 x 3 @ 4.2 kg


Monday workout – shoulders & abs

A1 Seated dumbbell shoulder press 15 x 3 @ 4.2 kg
B1 Anchored single arm DB press 15 x 3 @ 4.2 kg
B2 Narrow grip upright row  15 x 3 @ 10 kg
C1 Dumbbell shoulder press 12 x 3 @ 1.2 kg
C2 Dumbbell lateral delt raise 12 x 3 @ 1.2 kg
C3 Bent over rear delt fly 12 x 3 @ 1.2 kg
D1 Ball crunches 20 x 3

Tuesday workout – legs

A1 Sumo deadlift 15 x 3 @ 10 kg
B1 Banded squat walks 15 x 3 @ medium resistance band
C1 Wide romanian deadlift 15 x 3 @ 10 kg
D1 Single leg romanian deadlift 15 x 3 @ 4.2 kg
D2 Supermans 15 x 3
D3 Stability ball roll ins 15 x 3
D4 Single leg bridge ups left 15 x 3
D5 Single leg bridge ups right 15 x 3
E1 Calf raise 15 x 3 @ 4.2 kg











Another workout week complete

Okok, Im a really bad blogger haha.
I thought it was just a week ago I last posted, but I guess times flies.

But I have completed another workout week, and how good it feels to be done on a Thursday. I have had 4 strength sessions plus some cardio after some of them.
A few weeks ago (To be exact 5 weeks ago), I restarted my transform app – well I was on the at home workouts in the app. But now Im back to where I enjoy the training most (at physique , just modifying it a bit so I can do the workout at home)

This week I also have a lot going on , as its my birthday week. So Im allowing myself to bake not so much healthy things. Yesterday made chocolate cookies, today Im making cinnamon rolls and probably going to make some oreo balls either tomorrow or saturday depending on my energy.


Monday workout – Back

A1 Bent over dumbbell row 8 x 4 @ 4.2 kg
A2 Undergrip Bodyweight row 8 x 4
B1 Cross bench dumbbell pullovers 10 x 3 @ 1.2kg
B2 Single arm dumbbell row 10 x 3 @ 5kg
Supermans 15 x 3
Plank 30 sec x 3
+ 20 mins cardio

Tuesday workout – Legs

A1 Zig zag walking lunges 8 x 4
A2 Step ups 8 x 4
Romanian deadlift 10 x 3 @ 15 kg
Hamstring roll-ins 15 x 3
Calf Raise 15 x 3 @ 4.2 kg
+ 20 mins cardio

Wednesday workout – shoulders

A1 Seated dumbbell shoulder press 8 x 4 @ 4.2 kg
A2 Alternate arnold press 8 x 4 @ 4.2 kg
B1 Dumbbell reverse seated lateral raise 10 x 3 @ 1.2 kg
B2 Dumbbell front raise 10 x 3 @ 1.2kg
C1 Bent over rear delt fly 15 x 3 @ 1.2kg
C2 Wide grip upright row 15 x 3 @ 10kg
Sit ups 15,6,7
+ 20 mins cardio

∗ During my C2 exercise I had problems with getting the bar up, since I was starting to become sore already.

Thursday workout – legs

Alternate single leg bridge ups 8 x 4
A1 Barbell hip thrust 10 x 4 @ 10 kg
A2 Hamstring roll-ins 10 x 4
B1 Banded squat walks 15 x 3 @ light resistance band
B2 Single leg romanian deadlift 15 @ 4.2 kg
Calf raise 15 x 3 @ 4.2 kg

∗ At today’s workout I struggled alot with back pain, so I was not able to finish B2 exercise, and while I did hip thrust the bench wasnt set up properly so when I was done with first set and about to get up it snapped into place which didnt make my back hurt less.

Oh Hello!

Its been so long since my last blog post, but it does feel good to be typing again.
There has happend alot since last time, ended up selling the house and buying a new one that needs alot of work the next years but it was so worth it.
I felt just after 14 days of living in the old house that I wanted to move from there, so during last winter I ended up in a big depression which Im so glad I got out of after months with being so low.
Bought this current house and absolutely love it here, have lived here for 5 months today and still feel it was just yesterday I moved in.
Have also been on a lovely vacation to Croatia recently, And I will be back!
(If you ever go to Trogir’s Old town, be sure to visit Bella’s Ice Cream bar – The best Ice Cream ever!)
Took almost 3 weeks off working out, so it felt good starting to lift some iron again last week.

This weeks workout

Lower body
Stepups 15 x 2 sets.
Alternate single leg Bridge ups 15 x 2 sets.
Zig zag lunges 15 x 2 sets.
Forward lunges 15 x 2 sets.
Roll-ins 10 – 12 reps.
Calf Raise 15 x 2 sets @ 4.2 kgs.

Upper body

Dumbbell incline press 15 x 2 sets @ 4.2kg.
Underhand bodyweight row 15 x 2 sets.
Seated arnold press 15 x 2 sets @ 1.2 kg.
Bent over dumbbell row 15 x 2 sets @ 1.2 kg.
Dumbbell preacher curl 15 x 2 sets @ 1.2 kg.
Dumbbell skullcrushers 15 x 2 sets @ 1.2 kg.
Plank 40 secs, 34 secs, 31 secs.

Lower body

Air squat 15 x 2 sets.
Wide stance romanian deadlift 15 x 2 sets @ 10 kg.
Calf raise 15 x 2 @ 4.2 kg.

As you can see my last workout didnt last long, I was supposed to have two more exercises but my knee felt really busted after the squat – even had trouble getting upstairs after my workout so needed to really relax after for 3 hours.
I kinda ‘punished’ myself because of this workout and pushed myself to walk 15 minutes on the treadmill after this short workout.

Im in my thirties!

It’s crazy how fast time goes – even though I’m 30 now I don’t feel a year over 18!
You know how people always ask you if you feel older on your birthday I never do.

I had a break from transform with Chris and Heidi so I contacted the old personal company I used before and paid for 2 months with them, but I had to get back on Transform. I just missed it like crazy – just by having the app to check every day is heavenly.  I am now on week 5 on Level 2 , and I must say its starting to be tough for my body. But I know by doing this my body gets a lot of stronger, which I have noticed already, and I don’t have to do the same exercises every week!
I have also been doing the nutrition on the app for a week now and this time it’s so much better, I have had to adjust to make it suitable for me so I just check the macros for the day and makes meals after that.

What I do not like about the program is the carb cycling, don’t get me wrong – I love my carbs but I hate my low carb days so much. Its hard getting all that fat in because of my egg allergies and well it’s not easy to find a low carb meal without eggs unless it’s a fully cheese meal.


Workout #1

Bent over row 8×4 @ 5 , 5 , 7.5 , 10kgs
Underhand grip bodyweight row 8×4
Crossbench dumbbell pullover 10×3 @ 4kg
Single arm dumbbell row 10×4 @4 , 5 , 7.5
Superman 15×4
Plank 37 sec, 30 sec and 23 sec.


Workout #2

Zig zag lunges 8×4
Weighted step-up 8 , 4 , 8 @ 4 kg
Romanian dead lift 10 x 4 @  20 kg
Sumo dead lift 10 x 4 @ 20 kg
Single leg step-up 15 x 3
Roll ins 4×3
Calf Raise 15 x 4


Workout #3

Barbell behind neck press 8x 4 @ 10kg
Alternate Arnold press 8 x 4 @ 4kg
Dumbbell front raise 10 , 10 , 7 @ 4 kg
Bent over delt fly 7 , 9 , 8 @ 4kg
Wide upright row 12, 9, 9 @ 10 kg
Weighted crunches 15, 5 @ 1 kg


Today I had the workout #3 and I’m feeling so tired right now, might be since I havent eaten after it yet but if it continues during the day I would have to relax on the sofa for most of the day unfortunately. It was a heavy workout, but in a way I shouldn’t be this tired today was the one day I didn’t do cardio beforehand.

And I will see if I will be able to workout tomorrow, I have a #4 workout this week but its a leg workout and my body hates lunges and squats at the moment so I will probably try.
When I bend my knee-joint like you normally do during a squat position it hurts tremendously so I havent been able to squat or do loads of lunges in a few weeks and I have no idea why it’s acting like this – but I will cross my fingers that it will be better soon!





Last workout of april

Been some time since I have posted now. 

I did end up stopping with stronglifts because the Powell squad (Chris and Heidi powell) did come out with a app which is so much better for at least than stronglifts ever was. And I’m noticing after two weeks with it that I have been increasing my muscle growth already. Well, I did start first for a week on their weight loss program but then I missed lifting those metals so I choose the physique program. And I can’t say enough how much I can feel that my body needs this. 

The first week on the program I could barely walk for the entire week because the exercises I had done was targeting muscles I hadn’t used in a while. 

I think the best thing that could happen to me and many others was that they came out with this app. 

Monday workout with 2 sets each exercise 

  • Weighted step ups 15 x 8 kg Kettle Bell. 
  • Weighted back lunges 15 x 5kg dumbbell. 
  • Walking lunges no extra weight 15 reps
  • Barbell forward lunges 15 x10kg
  • Roll ins on stability ball 15 reps. 
  • Calf raises 15×2

Wednesday :

  • Dumbell incline Press 6.2kg
  • Underhand grip bodyweight row
  • Barbell shoulder press   10 kg
  • Bent over row 6.2kg
  • Dumbbell preacher curls 6.2kg 6 and 7 reps. 
  • Dumbbell skull crushers 8 and 6 x 5kg
  • Ball crunches 15 x2. 

The preacher curls and skull crushers was so tough that I failed to do more reps. Will get better at these eventually – may have to lower the weight next time. 

Friday :

  • Barbell squat 15 x 10 kg and 15 x 12.5kg. 
  • Wide romanian deadlift 15x10kg and 15×12.5kg.
  • Plie squat with Kettle Bell 15×8 Kg 2 sets. 
  • One legged romanian deadlift 15×6.2 two sets. 
  • Calf raises 15×2

I think there were supposed to be one more exercise but the app wouldn’t show it so I couldn’t really guess what is was. 

But if you also want to check out their app, it’s called Transform with Chris and Heidi. 

This was my last workout for April since the birch pollen has started to blossom so I need to stay inside for probably 3-4 weeks and I’m already on day 4 so trying to stay calm and hope these days will go by quickly so I can enter the garage again:) 

Monday workout

So, last week I workout inside the house and I ended up wanting to work out in the garage today so I did that! 

I started stronglifts 5×5,well at first I tried starting strength but I didnt like the app so much so ended up with my usual program. I do like stronglifts a lot but I get scared when I’m lifting a bit much so then I usually end up switching to another program. So I will see how long I will be doing this. 

Today I did 25kgs back squat, 20kgs overhead press (it was very heavy today) and 35kg deadlift. It’s a good start I reckon and really hope the snow is gone for the spring now and that the warmth is coming back. It’s a bit though to hold the bar when it’s 0 degrees outside. 

And later today we are getting more weights! Wohoo, so I don’t need to increase my squats with 2.5kg each time since bought fractional plates, two 25kgs, resistance band so that I hopefully can start with chins and some really nice dumbbells. 

The heaviest weight today: